Twin – Queer – Traveler – Concert Goer – Music Aficionado – Detail Obsessor – Color Enthusiast – Story Lover – Laugher – Chocolate Eater



Maybe because he’s left-handed, or maybe because he was always enamored by color, but Drake has always been told he was creative. Technologically and creatively inclined, graphic design seemed the most appropriate choice. He has been playing around in editing softwares since he was able to hold a computer mouse in his hand. He’s passionate about the craft, and always looking for the next challenge.

Through travels and adventures, Drake has seen a lot of the world and hopes to continue using the people he's met, the places he's seen, and the cultures he has experienced as inspiration for his creations. He enjoys art of all types, and spends most of his time eating all the food, dancing his [big] heart out, and making people laugh. If you see him, make sure to have a dance off.

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“Sometimes to stay sane, you have to go a little crazy.”

— Girl, Interrupted (1999)

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I'm always open to connect with and meet other designers, artists, and friends. Feel free to reach out and say hey! Have a cool project in mind? Let's make it happen.

Photo by: Mario Elias Photography



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